Our goal is to simplify a complex trading world by trading with an assured minimum 20% returns of your capital after every week.

We help our investors attain financial freedom from the knowledge we possess. We have the best trading team and tools at our disposal.

Demonstrate some patience before you start investing with us. You are bursting with anticipation to begin making profit. However, we charge a 3% service fee commission from your profit.

Why Invest in Crude Oil? Invest in the Multi-Trillion
Dollar Global Trade

Crude oil trading is the most economically valued activity in the world with a 12 months revenue of $42.4trillion ongoing growth. You can be a part of this market.

Over decades now, the banks and wealthy class has profited hugely from crude oil trading but here comes Dexternity which offers every individual access to the crude oil market.

Why are people all over the world choosing us?

Transparent and Secure

All your investments are well recorded and protected on our platform. You can track your investments daily.

Stable & Profitable

Crude oil trading is safe and profitable, it brings in stable
profit for all investors in the Dexternity Ecosystem.
With our team of expert traders, your capital
is safe with us, and will grow right before you.

Fast and Secure withdrawals

At Dexternity we believe in ensuring clients experience speedy access to their funds when they need them. Our fast withdrawal mechanism processes withdrawal requests weekly. Withdrawals are sent to your secure bitcoin wallet.

24/7 Customer Support

Effective communication is important to us and our clients at Dexternity. Our support team is always available to attend to your questions and inquiries in whatever area you may have challenges.

At Dexternity we treat every client like the only client we have. Email our live support at livechatsupport@dexternity.us

An investment you can trust

Our passion is to build the most secure and safe investment platform globally, we are always upgrading our standards to keep you happy.

Our passion is your investing experience. If you ever feel we’ve missed the mark, let us know. We’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Earn 10% referral Bonus

You can also increase your weekly income by referring friends through your unique referral link.
You will start earning 30% profit from subsequent investment once you reach 5 referrals.

How it Works

1. Register an account

2. Deposit your capital. 

3. Request for withdrawal.

With the advent of Bitcoin technology, your deposit will be faster, safe and secure, we accept deposit in bitcoin to our secure bitcoin wallet address.

We have a responsibility to be the voice of the investor in an obscure financial investment world, and we represent each investor fairly and equally.



Choose the perfect plan



  • 20% Weekly
  • Capital available for withdrawal after 2weeks



  • 25% Weekly
  • Capital available for withdrawal after 2weeks



  • 30% Weekly
  • Capital available for withdrawal after 2weeks
Profit Growth
Trade Efficiency
Sustainability Percentage
Referral Bonus

Key Members of our team

Mr Jeremiah Rogers

Chief Investment Officer

Jerry has MBA from Stanford. He is a seasoned Wall Street Investor with 10 years experience.

Mrs Anne Palmer

Chief Expert Broker

Anne has a PHD in both  Computer Science and Data Analysis. She has a 7 years Wall Street Experience

Mr Brett Musser

Head of Live Support

Brett has a B.sc in communication. If there is any one that can explain anything, Brett is the one.

What Our Top investors say

The Best decision i made was to join Dexternity, their ROI is very good. I am proud to say that a huge part of my assets are built from Dexternity. My fianaces are more stable that now.
Paul Puey
This has been my retirement investment, I have been withdrawing every week for long as i can remember. As a war veteran been introduced to this platform was a breakthrough for me and my family.
For years I have was trying different ways to make extra money. I was coming across other investment platforms only to find that they were excessively-time consuming and and resulted in little profit. Now I have made over a million dollars.
Its unbelievable, my finances has grow greatly. I travel more now than ever.
Lilly Singh

A Few MORE...

Right now am making extra $200,000 profit every week from my investment with dexternity as a serial investor.
Great investment platform, one of my side investment that has benefited me and my company a lot.
Robert Herjavec
The ROI is great. I just focus on my practice while am getting paid from every week.
johaness Angus
Never new a platform like this existed. It has been my major source of income for me.
Andrian Belotti

Working hours

Monday- Thursday:8:00-18:30 Hrs
(Live support until 17:30 Hrs)
Friday - 8:00-14:00L

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14 Coca-cola London Eye and
63 Wall street New York City
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