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The secondary service is to tutor you to trade like us from A to Z even if you know nothing about trading, we will also equip you with the best tools for a fee which comes with a bonus lifetime coaching from our tutorial team. If you have the capital but you don’t have the time to trade yourself then subscribe to the primary service but if you have the time, the capital and acumen to bear the stress of studying and monitoring the markets then subscribe to the secondary service which comes with a fee of $6,000. The teaching we will offer you is worth more than money and will make you rich forever. We teach people this because the struggle is against poverty and not against knowledge. On his first investment after deducting our 5 percent commission he made a profit of $4,940 after investing $8,000 worth of Bitcoins for a week. In his second investmen O top Investor Charlie Shrem was losing money until he hired us. After deducting 5 percent commission he made a profit of $181,046 after investing $70,000 in his investment that spanned  a month and he kept reinvesting making millions for himself.

One of our Investors Erik Finman whose story is very interesting because he is a high school dropout. On the invested $13,000 and after deducting our 5 percent commission he made $8,027 and he kept investing now he is one of the youngest millionaires on our platform,

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